Print without line break

Python 2.x

With Python 2.x, print is a statement. To avoid line break, just append a comma "," at the end of print statement.

while len(arr):
    print "{}".format(arr.pop()),

Another way to avoid the comma in statement is to utilize feature module.

from __future__ import print_function

print("no", end='')

The output is nobreak .

Python 3

From Python 3, print is a method. Therefore, a keyword parameter 'end' will work.

while len(arr):
    print ("{} ".format(arr.pop()), end='')

If there are multiple normal parameters (bared parameters without keys) are provided, the keyword parameter 'sep' will take effects.

print ("Start_{}".format("space"), "padding", end='>>', sep='**')
print ("not-line2", "padding", end='')
print ("not-line3", "filling")
print ("end")

Outputs are:

Start_space**padding>>not-line2 paddingnot-line3 filling

To flush the iostream on each writing, keyword parameter 'flush' is introduced from Python 3.3.


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